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The EU Must Die - or Europe Will Die


Muslim Extremists Preach Violence in Europe





Suicide/Homicide Bomber Injures Dozens in Israel


Wall of Testimony  [Woe unto the nations]


EU Accuses Israel of Breaching Peace Road Map


Palestinian state will replace Israel


Hamas to U.S.: Holy city is ours




PA clergy call for genocide of Jews


Not Enough Missions for Wannabe 'Martyrs'


Palestinians Made Millions on Barrier they Bitterly Oppose


The Two Faces of Palestine


Jerusalem Summit Condemns UNRWA


The Palestinian Claim to a ?Right of Return?




Russian mothers weep for dead


Revenge Fears High After Russia's Mourning


Official: Russia Has Right to Hit Bases


Russians Suggest Foreign Help in Attack


Muslim Cleric Supports Targeting Children


West in mortal danger from Islam, says Putin


Chechen Rebel Leader Seeks 3-Way Talks



The Netherlands:

Holland Under Siege


More Dutch Plan to Emigrate as Muslim Influx Tips Scales


Dutch lawmaker urges halt to non-Western immigrants


Group's Members Arrested in Dutch Murder


The Death of the Dutch?


Dutch Lawmakers Bemoan Terror Threat


Dutch crackdown risks hurting mainstream Muslims


Netherlands opens first "deportation center"



Right-wing politicians want to ban Islam




UN Signs Pact with New World Court Opposed by U.S.


Congress Moves to Shield U.S. Personnel From World Court


State Department sued over oil-for-food records


Al-Arian Prosecutors Want His Beliefs Kept Out Of Trial


Muslim-Americans Sue Govt for Racial Profiling


Saudi-Funded Hate-Teachings At U.S. Mosques


Muslim asks FBI to explain remark on jihadists


Counting Mosques In the USA




Khomeini in Dearborn  [Michigan]


U.S. Concludes Syria Helped Finance Sunni Insurgence


U.S. Muslim Groups Decry 9/11 Report Input


Muslim Groups' IRS Files Sought


Al Qaeda seen planning for 'spectacular' attack


U.S. Struggles to Grasp Scope of Threat


Hillary Clinton Gives Aid and Comfort to the Enemy 


Clinton is the Albanian Muslims' Hero


Mosque Adds Problems for U.S.


Controversial Islamic Scholar Coming to America


Groups Decry Muslim Scholar's Visa Denial


Terrorist 'Probing Attacks': Happening Nationwide

[Schools are on the list]



South America:

Columbia--U.N. Lock Horns Over Human Rights


The Hemisphere's Other Popular President



Death Knell of the West


Australian government urges Muslims to rein in imam


Greek Muslims attack TV crew near mosque



UK Muslims Call for Changes in Law


Koran on Trial in England


British Imam 'preached of duty to kill non-believers'


London Attacked by Terrorists


London Attacks Kill Dozens


London Mourns


London a Longtime Haven for Radical Muslim Figures


Muslim scholar: Killing civilians OK


Retrieving bodies is nightmare for London rescuers


UK Religious Hate Law Will Harm Free Speech


British MPs Call for World Court Ruling on Iraq War


Terror pamphlet for British Muslims


Newspaper in "black heart of Islam" row


Muslim Cleric Supports Targeting Children



Fallaci: Warrior in the Cause of Human Freedom


Statement Threatens Attacks Vs. Italy




Anti-American Ba'th Activities in Paris



New special test for Muslims seeking citizenship


Koran school under renewed pressure


Muslims Alarmed as Germany Plans Islamist Database

 [Question for the ACLU in this one]




Madrid Suspect Spoke of Bombing Stadium



Narrow Win for Canada?s Conservatives


CAIR-CAN denounces comments by Quebec politicians


'Former' Yugoslavia

Jihadists Find Convenient Base in Bosnia


Some Facts About the Rising of a World Power


Serb General Pleads Not Guilty to War Crimes


Future of Kosovo Remains Unresolved


International Project in Kosovo Not Working [A failed 'democrat' US policy]


Kosovo Leaders Told to Confront 'Extremism'


Albanian Muslims Chasing Serbs out their villages in 'Former Yugoslavia'


Milosevic Launches Defense at Trial


Milosevic Accuses the West


What They Don't Want You to Know


Will the U.S. Military Learn From Yugoslavia?


Kerry's Fundamental American Values



Saudi Arabia


Saudi Text Books Still Preaching Hate


No more global lawsuits




Iran Group Signs Up Suicide Volunteers




Iraqi minister Blasts UN




Musharraf: Palestine tarnishes U.S. image




Former Indonesian President Selling 2 Kinds of Islam



THAILAND: Islamic Violence Escalates


Thai PM Defiant After 78 Muslims Die in Custody




Bali Bomb Blasts: Muslim Testimony Denied by a Muslim Judge

[who then sentences him to death]



Ivory Coast riots as protests call for UN withdraw


Hand-wringing over Darfur


U.N. Blames Sudan for Civilian Atrocities


Muslims Turning on Muslims in Africa



'Rights' Groups:

FBI Mosque Counting Questioned


Group: Israel Violating International Law


US 'erodes' global human rights


Muslims against terrorism and extremism



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